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Frequently Asked Questions

Want the lyrics?
See our website and click on song titles or we can mail/fax them to you. We offer alternate lyrics for many songs. Feeling inspired? Write a new verse and we’ll sing it your way.

Need a Minister?
We can refer you to local ministers with a variety of denominational backgrounds.

Need a church for your wedding?
A few local churches allow non-member to use their sacred space. Just ask.

If you have your own great, we will work with them, if not we’ll provide one who will charge a separate fee.

Want help choosing Music?
We offer a wide range of music in our standard repertoire to help you find the right songs for your occasion. Evocative, soothing, uplifting, mellow, raucous - we have it all. If you don’t find what you want, we love to honor special requests and will also lead your group in hymns, just ask!

What is a Hurdy Gurdy?
Click Here to find out.

Can I get a CD of song samples?
Yes, contact us and we'll be glad to mail you a copy of our brochure which includes a CD with song samples.

What are your rates.?
Fees vary according to the number of songs and performers. Please call 773 480-0282 for more info.

Lake Street Church of Evanston’s music program will receive 10% of our honorarium.